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The ballroom is a beautiful old-meets-new venue conveniently located in downtown Portland, near many hotels, Pioneer Square, the Max and bus lines. The beautiful ballroom boasts very tall ceilings, hardwood floors, large windows and an elegant clean design.

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Alexa and Stephen

Alexa and Stephen booked and planned their wedding in 3 months. I’m always so impressed when a couple pulls it together so quickly! They have a very good reason to be so proactive – they are heading abroad in a few months for service work. Way to go guys!

My pictures are lacking this time, but I did snap a few of their beautiful flowers! They did them themselves with help from family and friends and they were beautiful! Delicious cupcakes were there from Read more...

Danielle and Nic

I LOVED Danielle and Nic’s red tulips. I’m a fan of tulips in the spring, so I was happy to see those bright flowers come through the door It was a very elegant wedding with red flowers and dresses with black accents with the menswear, linens and decor. Their florist was an aunt who did a beautiful job creating small centerpieces for bistros to large arrangements to flank the aisle at the entrance of the lower ballroom. 


Deanna and Corey

Sweet….Loving…. Genuine… All words I would use to describe Deanna and Corey on their day. 

This was a beautiful Friday evening wedding with a dessert reception to follow. The coolest part of the day for me was the set up in the lower ballroom. Deanna and Corey exchanged vows in the center of the room with their guests all around them. I have a few pictures, but we’ll have to wait to see what their photographer Read more...

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